Family Business with 60 Years of Expertise

Mushroom Pioneers in Germany - reliable for Generations

Two generations are currently working together at Moser. Today, Moser is managed by Benno Moser, who is supported by his son Rafael Moser.

Benno Moser

  • started in 1990 - 30 years of experience you can rely on
  • was a breeder himself - therefore familiar with the start of breeding & possible problems
  • Member of the "Bund Deutscher Champignon- und Kulturpilzanbauer (BDC) e.V." (Association of German Mushroom and Cultivated Mushroom Growers)
    • Constant exchange with the industry
    • Knowledge about current developments
    • Regular trade fair visits & workshops

Rafael Moser

  • Masterclass Mushroom Composting and Growing
    • Exchange with breeders from all over the world
    • Know-how in breeding & composting
  • Obergärtner (CH – Head Gardener) - Knowledge about soil properties and nutrients

The Moser family business was founded in 1960 as the "Beckermann" company and has thus been represented in the German mushroom market for 60 years. Until 2009, the mushroom cultivation was run as a full-time farm, first conventionally, and then from 2001 on exclusively in organic quality. “Moser Vertrieb” focuses since then on organic wholesale with products related to mushroom cultivation.

Moser has thus been active in the Organic Sector for almost 20 years.

The Moser family business is characterised by tradition, innovation and international entrepreneurial spirit.

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